1. Dear Palautot,

    I don’t know how to start. I don’t know what to write really except to scribble a note to let you know I remember you on your birthday. Maybe I can write about how disappointed I am on how you acted the past week, but then I realized it has always been like this between the two of us. As what I always tell you, you’ve such been a pain-in-the-ass to me…that you’ve fashioned yourself as such a bratty and sassy girl. At least just to me. So in your birthday, I wish you WISDOM. Just that and a dose of DISCERNMENT. So each time I happen to watch a movie or eat somewhere and you’re not either informed or tagged along, blocking me in your facebook friends list will never be an option for you. :-) Or call me TRAYDOR. Seriously. It’s totally fine with me, but I am worried how these little things will reflect your personality, which is something you are not. So with this piece of advice, I wish you a birthday that is happy, meaningful and memorable. You’re not getting any younger, kid! This note also comes with a reminder that while it seemed that I’ve been aloof sometimes or seems not to care at all, I and the rest of your traydor friends will always be one step behind you. I hope nature finds its way to get this note to you and when you happen to read this, may you be reminded that I still consider you a friend despite how many times you block me in facebook. :-) Happy Birthday, Zle!

    Lots of Love,

    PS: Kung naghanda ka, kadtong home-made carbonara lang akoa. Ipadala lang kay Dongcoy pagkaugma. Kung wala, libreha na lang kog Spiderman or Heaven is Real ba to. Basta. Pero ipriority ang carbonara, ha? Pwede both pud. Ikaw bahala. ktnxbye.

  2. Duyan ka ng magiting.

  3. Transition

  4. An image of Manila Cathedral I took in 2011. The historical landmark reopened its doors last night following two years of renovation.

  5. Binuhatan Creek, Liboganon #thetagumisee

  6. Illuminati

  7. The flags of PRISAA cast a silhouette against a beautiful sunset during the opening ceremony of the week-long National Collegiate Games in Tagum City this afternoon.

  8. A wooden gate in Mati, the demarcation point between the concrete road and the rough passage leading to the frolic waves of Dahican, a seven kilometer beach strip fronting the Pacific Ocean. #medyoSummerFrolic

  9. Medyo lang.

  10. Saturday Morning in Tagum’s National Highway

  11. Art of War

  12. First sunset of April #thetagumisee

  13. Bagong Bukas. #thetagumisee

  14. Fireworks, baby.

  15. Idilat ang mga mata! Walang tulugaaaaaaan!